Hi, I am Colleen. But please feel free to call me, Cole.

I am a single mom of two very active you kids, I obtained a Bachelors in Psychology from UC Berkeley. I have been a professional Boudoir Photographer for almost half a decade, and I spent nearly 25 years in front of a camera. I come from a service background of 20 years; before becoming disabled in 2015. I have two rare conditions called CRPS and EDS. Everyday, I battle chronic pain but, you would never know it to see me.

I grew up submerged in all forms of art. My mother is an artist and photographer; you could say I've been training my "eye" since birth. I see beauty in everything and in every person I meet. When I went back to school for digital imaging, I had no idea the fire it was going to ignite in me. I truly believe that photography and making people feel good about themselves, is my calling and what I have been put on this Earth to do.

I bring an unparalleled expertise and experience that will not only showcase you in the best light, you will leave the session FEELING Extraordinary!

With a little trust, I will enable you to embrace your unique beauty and capture it through an empowering boudoir photography session. Message me now to embark on a transformative experience.

A Day with ColeB Photography

See for yourself what it's like from the time you show up to the feelings you have after. Hear first hand about her life changing experience.

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“"I can't tell you how wonderful it was to work with you. My first time in front of a camera and I was beyond nervous. My palms were sweaty, my hands were shaking, and I couldn't stop pointing out my flaws... You were patient, professional and funny. It didn't take long to feel confident and beautiful in my own skin.. I left with a huge smile and feeling I could take on the world. Your passion for your work shows in every way. Thank you sooo much for giving me this experience.”

“The whole experience was the most incredible feeling I had had for years. I was going through a very ugly breakup and had absolutely no confidence in myself at all. I had done modeling in the past, but emotionally, mentally and physically I was no shape for this. Colleen made me feel like I was beautiful again. I was whole. It was the first real step to my recovery. It was exactly what I needed to start my journey to healing. I can’t say enough about her. Her vision is amazing"”

“"The BEST date we've had in 20 years... We told you what we wanted and you delivered.... SO Hard to decide on pics. They look AMAZING! Thank you so much!”

“Colleen is an amazing photographer, the whole experience was nerve racking at first but she has an amazing way of creating a calm experience. Thank you for your professionalism and helping me step out of my comfort zone!"”

“"I had the honor of having Colleen shoot me today. It was an amazing experience and even though I was a little nervous she made me feel totally relaxed. I enjoyed the whole shoot and came out with just a bit more confidence than I went into the shoot with. I would definitely recommend and will most definitely use her for any future shoots"”

“Our experience was Amazing.
It was so Comfortable and Natural.... I feel like you captured our Intimacy and Chemistry Perfectly.
Thank YOU. You're Amazing.”

“I've always struggled with body image. Cole did an amazing job making me feel relaxed & beautiful. THIS was for me. Seeing value in myself. Not just externally but internally as well. These photos are so much more than beautifully crafted art. They are a reminder of the fact that I am amazing, beautiful, powerful, and strong. It's ok to have positive thoughts about yourself. It feels good. Loving myself is important. Thank you Cole for being part of my life journey. Love you, sister.”

“HUGE thanks to such an incredibly talented photographer for making me feel even more beautiful, sexy, & confident than ever before! After having kids it has taken me a while to feel comfortable in my own skin again. Although I'm still riddled with little insecurities, this shoot has boosted my confidence to new heights! Cole was so comfortable to work with, incredibly professional, gave great direction when needed, but let me be myself. I definitely feel like a hot mama! I can't wait for another shoot!!”

“A Picture that captures the essence or pure joy. My joy that I find in life, my joy I find in facing my fears or being vulnerable in front of your camera. A smile is priceless, you know, the kind of smile that makes your eyes slant, where the creases of your mouth curve upward making dimples, makes your cheekbones touch your lashes. You know, the kind of smile you feel with your heart & it radiates through your whole being.. YOU Cole, captured that. Thank you for the amazing experience. Love you girl.”

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