Types of Images


During the session, we'll work in a comfortable and respectful environment. I'll guide you through poses and provide direction to capture your beauty and personality. It's a collaborative process, and your comfort is a priority.

Your input is valuable. You can request specific poses or styles for your photos.

Fill out the form below; Let's discuss the styles and poses you have in mind, and I'll tailor the session to your preferences.

Detail Shots

Showcasing the beautiful bits that grace the human form. Shoulders, arms, spines, especially tattoos... These types of shots are perfect for wall art displays and to add visual balance to an album.


With or without clothes, these images include your face and a portion of your body. We have a variety of neutral and bold backdrop options for different aesthetics.


Portrait and Boudoir photography sessions as unique as you. Creative sets use a variety of lighting techniques, and photography tricks to make the images truly magical.