Boudoir photography is for everyone, regardless of body type, age, or shape.

Every individual is unique and has their own beauty to embrace. I work with clients of all backgrounds and focus on capturing your personality, essence, and natural beauty, regardless of societal norms or standards.

Curvy Bodies

Bring on the form-fitting items! I adore bodysuits, tight dresses, and nothing at all.... especially for voluptuous bombshells. We often see curvy women trying to cover up more, but often that has the opposite effect they think it will. Allowing me to pose you so that we can see your figure and celebrate it is the way to go.

Flat- Butts

Thongs tend to make a butt look fuller than full-coverage bottoms or g-strings. Play around in the mirror with different styles to see what you like best. And don't worry, I'm a PRO at creating curves in posing where there aren't any otherwise! I can get a killer booty shot with any level of curve (or lack thereof).

Shorter Legs

High heels with a THIN heel rather than chunky! Avoid shoes with thick ankle straps or square toe. Nude shoes naturally elongate the legs.

Thin/No Curve

That's all in the posing-girl! Form fitting and nothing at all work great as I pose the heck out of you to make you look and feel bodacious.


Underwires and balconettes are lovely, as well as NO BRA AT ALL (my personal favorite for small chested women!) And also, small boobs rock. So please don’t feel the NEED to create extra “oomph” unless it’s something that really concerns you.


If your breasts are a bit lower or “floppier” than you’d like them to be, just be sure to snag a bra with some support or form fitting bodysuits that will keep them at bay. Posing will play a huge role here, and I’m really good at that. So...bring your mom boobs my way and we’ll embrace the hell out of them.


My personal belief is that scars tell a story. Sometimes clients wish they didn’t have to be permanently reminded of that story, and other times, clients embrace their scars and say they’re a part of them. For this reason, I will never edit out a scar or stretch mark unless a client specifically requests it….and if they do, in fact, request that retouching, I will happily do that at no additional charge. This is a VERY personal topic and it’s not my decision to make. I welcome scars and stretch marks, but I also support a woman’s personal preference. 

Love ALL Your Parts

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