ColeB Photography is Proud to Offer an Exclusive Boudoir Photo Session Weekend in ARMSTRONG COUNTY, Pennsylvania.

2023 is YOUR Year. Let's Capture it!

I know what you’re thinking, “These Women are Gorgeous. They’re probably models not just the Average Everyday-Women, that you see at your local supermarket.” But these are 100% Everyday Women!!

These are Wives, Mothers, Grandmothers, and So Much More!

What if I told you, being Photographed could Build Confidence, Release Insecurities, Intensify Empowerment, Strengthen Self Love, Improve Intimacy, Heal Trauma and acknowledge the Badass YOU Are!

Yeah; Really!

Boudoir Photo Sessions with ColeB Photography can do all that, and more!!

ColeB Photography Captures the Journey of Self Love and Discovery through Intimate Portraits and Boudoir Photography

This Mother's Day Weekend Celebrate YOU.

EMPOWER  Yourself


Bring Excitement, Passion

and Fun to Your everyday Life, Your Relationship or Marriage.

We Specialize in Creating a Safe Space for you to be your Authentic Self to Capture the Essence of Who You Are.

We see Unique Beauty in every person we meet and

believe Self-Love is the Most Important,

and Empowering, Quality in Life.

It’s time to unleash the Goddess within, Escape your Everyday Routine and Dress up (or down) to FEEL Empowered, more Lively, and as Fearless as ever. 

Boudoir is not for one type of woman, it’s for EVERY-type of woman. It’s for the Ladies with Scars, Stretch Marks, the Ladies who’ve never worn Lingerie and the ones who Live for the Lace and Luxury.

You Deserve the Pampering and Glamour just as much as anyone else. 

BOOK NOW for an Amazing Experiences to Remember for a Lifetime.

"You are Good Enough. You do Deserve Good Things. You are Smart Enough. You are Worthy of Love and Respect."

So many women I have met over the years doubt their self worth, doubt their "Enough-ness". As a whole, the general main stream media has beat us down making us doubt every aspect of who we are and what we deserve. 

One of the many things that I love about today's culture; we band together to say "F#ck THAT". We no longer are dependent on main stream media. We have taken our own self worth and ideals back.  


Photographing Boudoir is not about making people look and feel sexy, Boudoir is a way to accept every aspect of who you are and fall in love with yourself.

Stop allowing the lies in your head you learned as a child, to dictate the way you feel about yourself now. 

Fall in love with yourself. You deserve it.

Perfect for EVERY-Type of woman, Man, and couples.

Session times uniquely tailored to fit two set options and 2 wardrobe changes, To show case multiple sides of your amazing individuality. .

Limited Availability

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Let's talk about Impressions.

When was the last time you LOVED images of yourself? 

Better question, have you ever Loved an ENTIRE GALLERY of images of yourself? Every client I've ever had experiences just that. 

A photo session with ColeB Photography, is uplifting and confidence building. I help you shut out the outside world and allow you to just be you. I create a safe space for you to connect to yourself and fall in love with who you are. Which gives you the opportunity to silence those insecurities, to see how amazing you are! 

Boudoir Sessions have literally been life changing. 

What do you want to gain?

Expand your Potential

What I do HELPS people. I get to watch individuals fall in love with who they are, I witness confidence raise before my eyes. I watch my clients leave FEELING like the bad ass they are. 

I see people claim their power back after shitty divorces and breakups. I’ve capture people with illnesses that made them so, insecure they hid their bodies in shame, come to life before my eyes and be in awe of the very site of them. 

I've perceived intimacy grow and passion ignite within relationships and marriages.


Let me show you how fuckin amazing you are!!!  

“Love, Connection and acceptance are your birthright. To claim them you need only look within yourself.” 

YOU are whole and everything you need in this life is within you. Unlock your inner Goddess. 

Let me help show you.

The Session

Show up ready, relaxed, and confident; knowing that you will be directed and guided to have you comfortably step into the spotlight. Come ready with 2-3 of your favorite wardrobe pieces with you. .

Book your Boudoir Photography Session with ColeB Photography. We are trained in step-by-step posing guidance to ensure your photographs turn out irresistible & effortless.

Trust me, everyone gets nervous! It is normal! You will have a great time though and when you see your gorgeous images, it will totally be worth it!

These sessions include:

2 Wardrobe Changes

2 Set Options

Complete Body Posing Direction and Facial Expression Guidance

Personalized Viewing and Ordering Appointment

Final say in the editing process

5 High Resolution Digital Images

Your Luxury Photo Shoot with ColeB  

Boudoir is all about YOU. 

You’ll be at Ease, Empowered, and FEELING Amazing in Your Own Skin.

There is no better FEELING!!!

It’s YOUR time

Want More?

Book 2 Session time slots back to back, to receive a 70 minute session with 5-6 wardrobe changes to maximize variety. Be Given an additional 2 bonus images, totaling 12 High Resolution Digital Images and a Bonus Shareable App for your phone, to safely keep all your intimate images saved in a private location on your phone.

You'll leave with a vast library to choose your favorite Luxury, Brag-Worthy Images, that will undeniably elevate your confidence and make you FEEL like the Goddess you are!.

Let's do this!

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Men Deserve to Feel Confident and Have Self Love Too!

A few notes from previous happy clients

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