Plan Ahead

Nothing puts a damper on a fun and relaxing photoshoot like feeling rushed or late! You should plan for traffic and arrive about 5 minutes before your scheduled start time.

Pamper Yourself

Use this as an opportunity to pamper yourself. Go a few days before your shoot and get a manicure and pedicure! This will give you a finished, polished look. Chipped polish can be distracting.

Brush Your Lips

Sounds weir, right?! Dry lips are very hard to fix in post processing. In the days leading up to your photoshoot, use your toothbrush while brushing your teeth to also make a few passes over that pucker of yours. This will help shed dead skin. After that, apply a moisturizing lip balm... Repeat. repeat. repeat. If you're looking for a KILLER product recommendation. I LOVE DR.LIPP'S MIRACLE BALM. You can score a tube of it on Amazon, and don't be surprised if you see it referring to being a Nipple Balm in the description. It's a jack-of-all trades balm that was originally released as a lip conditioner, but because it's 100% lanolin and orderless/tasteless/colorless, people soon discovered you could do nearly anything with it. Nursing moms love it for cracked nipples, I love it for people using it on dry heels/elbows/knees, etc. For less than $15 a tube of this stuff will last you a REALLY long time (My first tube was a teeny trail sized BirchBox find that lasted me 4 months!)

Have Extra Wardrobe Options

Bring at least 4-5 different outfits, a couple pair of shoes if you're a shoe girl and accessories only if you usually wear them. We may not use it all, but it never hurts to have options. Often clients will bring a smattering of wardrobe options and I'll just style up some different looks that they maybe weren't thinking and they end up loving them.

Lather On The Lotion

Supple is key for beautiful skin! Be sure to moisturize twice a day for the week leading up to your shoot. On the day of your shoot, use a non-bronzer illuminizing lotion. If you're have a hard time finding an illuminizing lotion without color, you can absolutely just go with an oil based lotion like Argan oil moisturizer or coconut oil moisturizer. Don't use tinted lotions or anything with color. We will have some moisturizer at the studio for you to use if you don't have a lotion you love.

Make a Playlist

Music will really help get into the supermodel zone!! Try to select music that matches the concept of your shoot. We have a bluetooth speaker at the studio to stream your tunes in you bring them! We also have a pretty kickass set of photoshoot playlist that tend to jive well with most people.

Bring a Soft, Light Weight Robe.

Without any undergarments on while getting your makeup done. This will allow for any marks from tight bras, etc to even out so they don't show up in your images. Avoid big furry winter robes as that will tend to leave little dimples in your skin AND I find that most clients have a higher body temperature while they are getting makeup done because of nerves... It's hard to do makeup when you're sweating!

Trust Me

I won't make you do anything that is going to make you look bad. I'm a pro. I've been doing this for a long time and I know how to make a woman look good with killer poses, strategic lighting, and appropriate camera angles. I've photographed over 2,500 women in the last 10 years and have quite literally worked with EVERY body type and insecurity. I've got you covered. Don't stress. (Easier said than done, I understand.)