Spray Tan Before Your Shoot

I know you think that you look better with a tan.... but I assure you, even if you don't see that streaks and unevenness with your naked eye, the camera will pick them up. You will photograph a lot more tan than you think you look (especially given that my specialty is low-key lighting and black and white imagery), and spray tans will photograph orange in color images. Trust me on this! On that same note, no tint lotions or bronzers on your body. Even after this warning I get a lot of women who message me to say that they've been spray tanning for years and they cannot fathom not doing so before a photoshoot. Of course I will still photograph you, but unfortunately our standard retouch will not account for spray tan correction, so just keep that in mind.

Party The Night Before Your Shoot

If you're nervous, try a bubble bath and a yoga class. Hangovers aren't sexy. Lawwwwwd do I know it.

Drink Red Wine To Calm Your Nerves

Don't drink a bottle of red wine right before you show up in effort to calm your nerves! #1 It will stain your teeth and lips. #2 Drunk doesn't photograph pretty either. HOWEVER, I'm admittedly an advocate of a little bit of booze to soothe anxiety if you are super nervous. SO, I set a firm 2 drink maximum limit for my clients on the day of their shoot. Champagne or white wine is a good option because it won't stain your mouth and will still calm you down a little. You're welcome to bring a SMALL bottle with you to the studio. We have non-alcoholic refreshments to offer you.

Forget To Stretch

Many of these poses, while they look effortless, are quiet unnatural feeling. Take a few minutes on the morning of your shoot to stretch your arms, legs, hips, and especially your back. People are surprised to see how sore their muscles get after something as silly as a photo shoot, so any extra flexibility you can add by a quick yoga flow will only benefit you.

Get A New Haircut/ Color

IMMEDIATELY BEFORE YOUR SHOOT. Now isn't the time to experiment with a whole new look.

Talk Smack On Yourself

I don't want to hear about how you hate your hips. I want to hear about how you LOVE your legs. A great attitude will go a long way in having a fabulous and upbeat experience! HOWEVER... If you really feel the need to discuss the things that bothers you most about your body, just let me know by saying, "I love my _, but my biggest insecurity is my __". I will be extra careful to play down your "flaws"... but I will ALSO make it my challenge to take the best damn image featuring your __ so you have a new-found appreciation for it ;)